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Who We Are

We at Realistic Media stand out as unique having deep knowledge and understand of the needs of our clients. We commit to provide round-the-clock services that are also of high quality.

Realistic Media is the leading source of Video Content, information, and destination of premium interest sites. Realistic Media is the most comprehensive and widely-viewed video network of premium interest sites for popular categories such as Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Food, Recipes, Sports, Automotive, Travel, Etc. Realistic Media connects enthusiasts with daily news and opinions, DIY related services, and the ability to meet and interact with other users via social sharing. Realistic Media is among the few destinations, where users can access a unique, proprietary database of video content and current information about their favorite interests.

Realistic Media is looking for partners. Our advertising solutions give you more control in a media landscape that’s constantly changing and evolving. We create more efficient relationships with our partners so you get the most out of your ad buys. We transform data and viewers into addressable audiences, ensuring your message reaches those who matter most. To learn more, contact us.

Display Ads View

  • 4 Billion Desktop Avail/month
  • 100 millions Mobiles Avail/month
  • Average Network Wide CTR: 0.24% to 0.5%

Video Ads View

  • 3 Billion Desktop Avail/month
  • 250 millions Mobiles Avail/month
  • Average Network Wide VTR > 70%

Exclusive Inventory & PMP Benefits Geos

Gain first look access to high quality inventory at competitive rates found in the Realistic Media Private Market Place.

What we do

  • Programmatic

    What is Realistic Media’s Real Time Bidding (RTB) Platform?

    Realistic Media’s RTB Platform is a fully integrated programmatic marketing system built for publishers and advertisers looking for innovative strategies and solutions to maximize yield.



    Unleash the Power of Precision Targeting

    Realistic Media’s RTB Platform is built around our proprietary algorithms, developed over several years as leaders in the search marketplace. Stop wasting millions of advertising budgets on the wrong target audience. Leveraging our excellence in decision and data analytics, Realistic Media’s powerful RTB Platform connects the right advertiser to the right publisher at exactly the right moment.

    Realistic Media RTB for Publishers

    Realistic Media’s RTB Platform allows publishers to automate the job of selling traffic on their sites, using the RTB technology. By connecting to this platform, publishers can sell traffic through RTB-auctions. Incrementally grow yield and access new budgets through untapped supply resources.

    Realistic Media RTB for Advertisers

    Access multiple sources of inventory through Realistic Media’s RTB Platform. The real-time nature of this technology allows the buying of individual impressions at the most efficient price available. Leverage Realistic Media’s network of over 1,000 publishers to extend your video and mobile buying strategy.

    Comprehensive Reporting Tools

    Manage your inventory and optimise your advertising campaigns using real-time statistics from our platform. Realistic Media’s RTB Platform provides full reporting transparency down to site, placement, creative size levels.

    Are you ready to unleash the power of Realistic Media’s RTB Platform? Contact us and our team will be in touch with you soon.

  • Display

    728x90 (Leaderboard)
    300x250 (Medium Box)
    160x600 (Wide Skyscraper
    Mobile (In App)
    320x50 (Footer)
    300x480 (Interstitial)
  • Video

    300x250 (Small)
    640x360 (Large)
    VAST 1-2 / VPAID 2
    Supported format: MP4 & SWF
    300x250 (Small)
    VAST 1-2 / VPAID 2
    Supported format: MP4 & SWF
  • Other Ad Units

    POP-Under & Pop – UP Full Page


Control your data, reduce waste, improve performance, and drive real results.

  • Digital advertising for the world’s largest brands
  • Pinpoint accuracy in targeting demographic and geographic segments
  • Over a Million monthly US unique viewers
  • More than 2 Billion monthly impressions from our network of sites as well as mobile apps

With yield objectives and audience data being the core of our technology, enabling real-time decisions that drive ROI for you, the advertiser, is easier than ever. Our platform collects and analyzes billions of daily transactions on behalf of the top online media and advertising companies to aid in your decisions.

Maximize your digital campaigns with:
  • Scalable Reach
  • Pinpoint Targeting
  • Ongoing Optimization


Increase fill rate and maximize monetization across every format. Realistic Media is a trusted Ad Exchange that brings real time bidding to all of its publishers. We will help your business maximize the revenue potential of your inventory. Join us to gains you access to hundreds of video campaigns from hundreds of top advertisers. Our system is integrated with the largest video Ad networks, Exchanges, DSPs and SSPs, we provide publishers with a unified environment to manage these relationships. Maximize your revenue with our technology that analyzes impression-by-impression pricing data and availability for every single ad opportunity and maximizes yield and fill rates across all demand partners in real-time.

Publisher Requirements

We only work with publishers who offer high quality content. To be considered for acceptance as our publisher, publishers must meet specific guidelines and must be appropriately categorized in order to receive ads.

Requirements for all sites are as follows:
  • Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content for which the publisher is directly responsible
  • A professional and attractive site design
  • Over 1,000,000 visitors a month and growing rapidly
  • An active user base
  • Have its own top-level domain URL
  • An active, publicly stated user privacy policy
  • Able to accept VAST tags for Video (
  • Have its own video player technology to serve video ads

Please note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Realistic Media Network. In addition to the factors listed above, we evaluate site content and audience based on current advertiser demand, our current code of conduct, publisher terms and conditions and industry best practices.

  • We do not accept sites that include but is not limited to:
  • Hand reaching streaming multimedia from internet
  • Sex, pornography or otherwise adult-oriented content
  • Promotion of the excessive use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances
  • Violence, profanity, expletives or inappropriate language
  • Promotion of illegal activity such as copyright infringement, racism, hate, mail fraud, spam, pyramid schemes, or other advice not permitted under applicable law
  • Libelous and defamatory material and/or is contrary to public policy or otherwise unlawful
  • Support an excessive amount of advertising (stacking ads, more than three banner ads on a page, pages hosting only advertising, etc.)

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